Alcoa Aluminium: Process Aluminium project upgraded capacity from 1 million cans to 3 million cans per day.

Allied Waste: High and Low Voltages Electrical installation of new facility. Primay Electrical Installation for APS Deer Valley Road and 18 Street Roadway Crossing .

City of Mesa: 911 Electrical Grounding Upgrades, Parks and Recreational Facilities, TCE Well Electrical Installations.

City of Chandler: Traffic Signal Upgrades various intersections.

Scotsdale: Scottsdale Community College Baseball and Practice Field Electrical Installation.

Technology Systems Incorporated and Alanco Technologies: 17 years of RFID Design and Installation of RFID Real Time Tracking Systems inclusive of California, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, Austrailia, Bermuda, Alaska, Florida, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvannia and Illinios.